How to Guide: Printed Sticky Back Divider Signs 


Step 1

Clean your divider surface and ensure it is dry before commencing application.

Step 2

For slimline dividers: place the divider onto its  back edges, so that the front of the divider is facing the roof. The rounded back corners should be on the top of the divider.
For acrylic collection dividers: ensure you are applying the sign to the correct side of the divider, by determining which way the right angle needs to face on your shelf.

Step 3

Remove the backing paper from the sign, but do not let it stick to itself.

Step 4

Line the sign up by eye, ensuring it is in a central position on the front of the slimline divider, or in correct position and on the correct side of the acrylic divider. 

Step 5

Carefully lower the sign down onto the divider. Be careful not to trap any air underneath the divider sign. 

Step 6

Working from the centre out, smooth any bubbles away with a damp cloth, or by carefully using your fingers 

Step 4

To finish, firmly smooth over the sticker with a damp cloth, or the felt side of a squeegee.

Extra Tips:

  • We have included some test signs for practice. Please follow the above directions with the test signs before attempting application of  your own signs.
  • Dividers and signs can be cleaned with warm, soapy water.

  • Do not use mentholated spirits or harsh cleaners.
  • Printed sticky back signs can be removed but not reused.


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