Shelf Divider Stand Assembly

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Step By Step Instructions

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Step by Step Instructions

1.Lay the divider on the desk with the adhesive tape and clear plastic pouch facing up. Insert your laminated sign into the clear plastic pouch.

2. Turn the divider over so the plastic pouch is face down as shown.

3. Fold in panels at their crease towards the centre of the divider. Lay all panels flat again.

4. Bring in the far right panel in to the middle holding it in place with your right hand.

5. As shown in the graphic, bring the panels together ensuring the panel with the horizontal slits is on the inside.

6. Insert both semicircle tabs through the horizontal slits to secrure the panels in place. Prefold the semi circle tabs to allow easy insertion of the tabs.

7. Repeat this so the joins at the top and bottom of the divider are connected as shown.

8. Remove the backing on the 4 adhesive strips. Bring the two remaining panels up to meet the adhesive. Hold in place for 20 seconds to allow adhesive to bond. Fold in the thin tabs on each side toward the centre of the divider.

9. Finally, bring the remaining panel over and insert both semi circles (prefold first) into the horizontal slits.

10. Ensure that all semi circles are inserted into the horizontal slits.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us, we would be more than happy to help you!

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